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  • 120ml-Sweet Almond Oil
  • 120ml-Sweet Almond Oil

120ml-Sweet Almond Oil

120ml-Sweet Almond Oil
Product Name: Sweet Almond
CAS No.: 8007-69-0
Latin Name:Dulce amygdalinas oleum
Extraction Method:Cold pressing
Extraction Part:Fructus
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow
Odor: Sweet And Strongly Herbal Smell

Gravity (25°C)0.956~0.958
Acid Value(mgKOH/g)1.0
Absorbance 269±1nm0.2-6.0
Iodine Value(GI/100g)93-106
Water Content(%)<0.5
Refractive Index(Nd20)1.471
Hydroxy Value(mgKOH/g)<=5 mg KOH/g
Flash Point247 °C
Optical Rotation1.469-1.478
Peroxide Value<2
Solubilitysoluble in alcohol, insoluble in water


1. Easy to absorb, rich in vitamins, with nourishing and moisturizing magical effects, soothing and anti-allergic effects.

2. Can make skin smooth and soft, if used for a long time can effectively eliminate stretch marks.

3. It has a significant effect on the skin and is a vegetable oil with excellent skin care and nourishing effect.

4. For excessive exercise caused by muscle pain, can enhance cell oxygen function, eliminate fatigue and carbonic acid accumulation, with analgesic and reduce the role of stimulation.