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What are the Benefits of the Mask You Use Every Day?

Feb. 19, 2020

Faced with the sudden emergence of acne overnight, the face is dry and dehydrated during seasonal changes, or the skin becomes red and tingly after summer exposure, do you want to have a mask? As women's demand for various types of facial masks increases, different materials and masks with different functions introduced by major brands are also overwhelming and dazzling. However, the mask must not be used without any care. The frequency of use, choice of efficacy, work after application, etc. all need to be attentive. Everyone who loves beauty must understand the precautions of these masks! The following Rose Moisturizing Whitening Lotion Supplier will give you a detailed introduction.

First of all, the mask does not need to be applied every day. Even if the skin condition is very bad, it is not recommended to apply the mask continuously for more than three days. For example, the basic moisturizing mask, the frequency of use is one week under normal skin conditions 2- 3 times is enough, while the tear-type blackhead removal, oil control cleansing mask should be less frequent. Frequent use of the mask will make the skin sensitive, and will increase the burden on the skin, but can not absorb the nutrients in it.

In addition, clean the face with warm water before applying the mask, one is to wash away the dust on the face, and the other is that warm water cleaning can promote the opening of pores and make the mask absorb better. After applying it, you should choose to wash off the essence or keep it on the skin according to the different instructions of different masks.

The most important thing is that the mask should not be applied for too long. Some people may think that the longer the mask is applied, the more nutrients the face absorbs, and the better the skin care effect, but in fact, the long-term absorption of the mask paper on the face will bring It's not worth the loss of moisture in the skin, so it is usually sufficient to apply the mask for 15-20 minutes, and the mask can be used for body care. The arms, legs, and waist can be used. Let ’s take a look at the different types of masks.

1. Hydrating mask

People who want beauty must replenish water. No matter what the skin type and skin condition, it is always right to store a few basic hydrating masks at home, especially during the season change, all kinds of skin will face the problem of fragility and dryness. Put on a hydrating mask at night. The skin returned to shine the next morning! Hydrating and moisturizing mask types are suitable for most skin types. Generally there are hyaluronic acid mask, seaweed mask, Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask and other types.

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

2. Whitening mask

As the so-called "cover a hundred ugliness", most women want to have a skin that can be broken and white as jade. Whitening masks are generally silk masks, snail masks and other types. They are mainly used to brighten skin tone, improve dullness, and promote collagen secretion. Thermal Spring Brightening Water Mask is mainly used.

3. Cleansing mask

Cleaning is always the first step in skin care. The cleansing mask generally uses raw materials such as activated carbon, volcanic mud, etc. The strong adsorption force can clean the oil, dirt and turbidity stored in the pores. Generally speaking, the cleansing mask is extremely powerful. Frequent use may make the skin vulnerable and sensitive, The use cycle is enough once every half month.

4. Oil Control Acne Mask

Adolescent girls are naturally beautiful, and the biggest problem in skin care is nothing more than annoying acne. Oil control acne masks generally use the essence of raw materials such as green tea, tea tree, honey, etc., mainly to improve acne marks, anti-inflammatory and cool, reduce acne, improve spots and other effects.

At present, the skin care masks on the market are mainly the above categories. Little fairies can choose their own brand and mask according to their skin quality and needs.