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Use Moisturizing Lotion

Mar. 04, 2020

There are a variety of skin care products in life. One of the products with a very good emollient effect is a moisturizing lotion. This is a kind of liquid cream cosmetics, which not only has a very good humidity-controlling effect, but also has an obvious emollient effect. And compared with the lotion, the lotion has a high aging effect, and it can lock the moisture deeply, making the skin look smooth and shiny. Because it is not greasy to use, it is loved by most female friends. Next, Rose Moisturizing Whitening Lotion Supplier will share with you how to use moisturizing lotion!

1. Note

The first thing to pay attention to is the order of applying the lotion. You can't apply the entire face at the same time, but apply wherever it is dry. If you don't use Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Eye Gel, you can apply it around the eyes first, then the cheeks, upper and lower jaw, and the sides of the mouth corners. Wait until all of these parts have been applied before applying on the entire face. This will double-moisturize those dry parts.

2. Use the power of your fingertips when applying

In the process of applying the lotion, you can neither use your palm or your fingertips, but use the power of your fingertips. Because the strength of the fingertips is relatively moderate, but also has good elasticity, it will be better for the skin.

3. Slowly massage outward from the center of the face

In the process of applying the lotion, it must be matched with the massage action, so that it can help the skin to absorb nutrients. And when you massage, you should slowly massage away from the center of the face until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin.

4. Different skin types and different choices

Many lotions are usually designed for dry skin. If the lotion is marked as "refreshing", it means that this lotion is also suitable for combination or oily skin.

5. Morning and evening lotion is also very different

Because our skin needs are different sooner or later, the lotion used during the day needs to consider external factors such as ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended that you use a protective lotion with UV effect. The skin at night will automatically enter the self-healing stage, so you can choose Moisturizing Rose Whitening Lotion.

Moisturizing Rose Whitening Lotion

Moisturizing Rose Whitening Lotion

6. Increase dosage in fatigue state

In general, the amount of emulsion used is about the size of a dime coin. However, if the skin feels tired or the skin tone is very dull, it means that the skin needs to add more moisture and nutrients, so you should increase the amount of use at this time, about two to three dime coins. Quantity, so that our skin gets more nutrition and moisture supply.

7. Lotion cannot replace lotion

No matter how much moisturizing lotion you apply, it cannot replace the lotion. Lotion can only temporarily moisturize our skin, so its moisture cannot stay in the skin for a long time. Therefore, it is only with the use of lotion that this moisture can be deeply locked in the skin.

8. Apply to the neck every time

Many people usually forget to apply the neck when applying lotion. In fact, the amount of oil secreted from the neck is very small, so it is necessary to add more water and oil. Therefore, we must develop a skin care habit, and do not forget to apply our neck every time we apply skin care products.

The above is the correct way to use the lotion. Have you learned it?