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The Difference Between Cleanser and Cleansing Milk

Mar. 18, 2020

Many girls find that there are many types of cleansing products, such as cleanser and cleansing milk, and of course, cleansing gels. In fact, there are certain differences in the effects of these products. Many counters on the counters cannot distinguish them correctly. So what is the difference between cleanser and cleansing milk? Here the Rose Moisturizing Whitening Lotion Supplier will come to tell you.

Difference one: texture is different

The difference in texture is the most obvious difference between cleanser and cleansing milk. Cleanser generally tends to be milky in texture, and it is generally milky white and looks thick. It is difficult to rub out more foam when using cleanser. In general, Cleanser's foam will be smaller when contacted with water, and the foam will be very rare when used. Basically, cleanser will not have obvious foam.

Cleansing milk is a common cleansing product. When it is squeezed out, it will feel a bit similar to the texture of toothpaste. The creamy texture is easy to rub out foam when you encounter it. Generally, you can have it after water. Very fine foam, and the foam will be denser and more delicate, it will feel very comfortable when applied to the face, and the product can be easily washed away with water.

Difference two: suitable for different skin types

After washing the face, the tension and discomfort on the skin is a problem for many girls. It is actually caused by improper use of the product. Different skin types recommend using different cleansing products.

Generally, cleanser is more suitable for people with dryness, dryness, sensitivity and acne on the face. Since the texture of cleanser will be relatively mild, and cleanser generally contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients, it can be given during cleaning. The skin is deeply moisturized, and because the cleanser is very gentle, it does not irritate the skin, and the important thing is that the acid-base level is close to the normal pH of the human body, such as Rose Cleansing Crystal.

Compared to cleanser, cleansing milk is generally suitable for oily skin. Cleansing milk generally contains a variety of alkaline ingredients. Many substances in the product will dissolve the dirt on the skin surface. Therefore, cleansing milk pays more attention to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the skin. Stronger features will remove makeup, etc. from the skin.

Rose Cleansing Crystal

Rose Cleansing Crystal

Difference three: different usage time

In addition to the two most basic features above, in fact, the two products are not suitable for the same time.

The cleanser is generally suitable for use in the morning, because there is basically no dust on the skin in the morning, and there is no need to use a relatively clean product. Moreover, the cleanser generally has hydrating and moisturizing effects, and is more suitable for morning skin foundation.

Using cleansing milk at night will clean up the skin's dust all day long, and will also prevent the appearance of makeup residue on the skin. This deep cleansing of the skin is conducive to detoxification of the skin at night, so it can prevent the strong secretion of oil on the skin and avoid it. Various conditions such as rough skin and enlarged pores.

After watching the differences between the three cleanser and cleansing milk introduced by Glacial Mud Mask supplier above, my friends quickly chose a cleansing product that suits their skin.