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The Correct Use Of Face Cream

Dec. 17, 2019

Women want their youth to stay forever, and no traces of years can be seen on their faces. In order to achieve this, they attach great importance to facial care and choose high-quality creams for application. After getting up during the day and washing your face, apply some cream to moisturize your facial skin and make your face more youthful and beautiful. As the main force of moisturizing and repairing, the cream has an indispensable position in the entire skin care step. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, the weather starts to become cold and dry, and the skin is prone to become sensitive, even reddening, and the use of creams cannot be ignored in skin care. Mastering the correct use of the cream can double the maintenance effect, make the skin more elastic and look younger. So specifically, what is the correct way to use the cream? Isolation Sunscreen Manufacturer will show you how to use the cream properly.

1, wash your face thoroughly before use

If you want the moisturizing ingredients of the cream to penetrate into the pores, you should wash your face thoroughly before applying the cream. Choose your own cleanser and massage in a circular motion on the face. In this way, the garbage in the pores will be removed, and the cream can penetrate to the bottom of the skin, activate the cell regeneration, double the nutrition of the skin, so that the face will look smoother and softer, bringing a good look all day long.

2, apply evenly on the face

Many people are accustomed to applying the cream directly on the face, and then apply it to the entire face evenly with a circular motion with their fingers. However, the intensity cannot be constant during the circle, and the skin will be pulled due to uneven force; at the same time, excessive friction will also cause the active ingredients in the cream to pass away, which will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the cream. When applying the cream, apply it evenly on both sides of the cheek, and then the forehead, followed by the chin and the side of the face. Each part must be evenly applied, and at the same time with appropriate massage, it can promote the absorption of the cream. If necessary, you can also pat it a few times, so that nutrients can penetrate into the skin and make the effect better.

Moisturizing Retinol Cream

Moisturizing Retinol Cream

For example, the correct way to use Moisturizing Retinol Cream should be:

(1) Take a small amount of essence cream on your hands or palms, put your hands together and emulsify until translucent. Because the warm cream is easier to push away and can be more effectively absorbed by the skin;

(2) Gently massage from the cheeks to the entire face and neck skin. Note that this step should be applied as evenly as possible;

(3) Finally, gently cover the entire face with warm palms. The warm hands can better promote the effective absorption of the product into the skin.

3, grasp the correct amount.

When applying the cream, be sure to take an appropriate amount. If the amount is too small, the effect of the cream cannot be exerted, and the moisturizing ingredients are reduced. If too much will also cause side effects, pores will gradually become blocked, leading to the appearance of acne, so that skin problems will continue to form. Therefore, when using the cream, be sure to control the amount, in general, take the size of broad beans, and the moisturizing effect is relatively good.

The effect of the cream can be fully demonstrated when the cream is used correctly. If you are using Spot-Fading Whitening Cream, this method will work better. The texture of the cream is rich, and after gentle massage, it can penetrate deeply and be quickly absorbed by the skin.

If you use the essence cream before going to bed, the skin will become very smooth the next day, and the effect will be better than the normal sleeping mask. At the same time, long-term use can effectively improve many skin problems and help the skin return to a healthy and balanced state.

The last thing to say is that no matter how good a cream is, if you use it incorrectly, it is likely that the cream will not have the effect of maintenance, but it will also have counterproductive results. Therefore, we must master the correct use of the cream, in order to truly bring out the efficacy and value of a cream.