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What Are The Benefits Of Red Wine Polyphenols For Us

Sep. 29, 2019

It is well known that the French like to pair red wine with their food, because red wine is rich in grape polyphenols, which are not only good for the body, but also become the holy grail of skin care in recent years. Red wine polyphenols, the polyphenols extracted from red wine, exist in a variety of fruits and have a strong antioxidant capacity. Grapes contain a large number of polyphenols, and the extract has an obvious antioxidant effect. After fermentation into wine, the content of polyphenols is higher, the composition is more stable and the antioxidant capacity is greatly improved.

In fact, red wine has been study confirms that contain a variety of important chemicals and nutritional ingredients, one of the chemicals called polyphenols is the red wine polyphenols, is because the grapes themselves in photosynthesis due to oxidation, its appearance is red wood, biotech experts study found that red wine polyphenols as a powerful antioxidant molecules, which can effectively fight against free radical damage, because free radicals produce oxidation, make skin epidermis shrivel to produce fine lines, and natural red wine polyphenols because it contains a variety of powerful antioxidant substances, thus can prevent skin aging, and become more white, moist and elastic.

Besides antioxidants, what are the benefits of red wine polyphenols? If it is used in our skin care, it will play a great role. For example, It can fight the invasion of reactive oxygen species, fight skin aging, reduce the production of melanin, and prevent microvascular varicosity.

Red wine polyphenol sleep mask

Red wine polyphenol sleep mask

So how to use red wine polyphenols for skin care. Here I would like to recommend one of our products, namely Red wine polyphenol sleep mask. We use this product as a natural antioxidant red wine polyphenols, against free radical damage skin, promote skin blood circulation, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the skin, stimulate cell regeneration ability, fatigue, lack of oxygen to the skin to restore youthful luster, deep water, stretch wrinkles, make skin smooth and tender. Its main functions are moisturizing, wrinkling and whitening. Its use is mainly the last step of evening maintenance and is usually used after cleansing, toning, essence or lotion. Apply appropriate amount of sleep mask, massage evenly with finger circular motion on the skin, and fall asleep after a short time. Wash with warm water the next day. It can also be used instead of night cream.

If you are interested in facial masks, I can also recommend one of the company's best-selling facial masks. It's called the Dead Sea mud mask. This mask can quickly recover after skin damage skin cell vitality, completely repair the damaged skin, at the same time also can control the oil secretion, detoxification, acne, relieve sensitive skin, deep cleansing, whitening, improve rough, dark skin, and can continue to concentrate moisture to the skin deep, instantly supply moisture, restore the skin looking youthful vitality into an organic whole, let our skin regeneration. This mask can be used with the above one to make the skin more moist and shiny.

Besides facial treatment, if you also need body whitening, I can also recommend this product, called rose body whitening lotion.This lotion is light and non-greasy, it can quickly repair dry fine lines, peel and snakeskin lines, and restore smooth skin. After use, a moisture lock film is formed on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss, tighten and balance the skin, and make the skin bright, moist and elastic. The most important is to be able to inhibit the growth of melanin, thereby achieving the purpose of whitening. We are the Rose body whitening lotion manufacturer. We are responsible for the efficacy and safety of the product. Please feel free to buy it.