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Several Questions About Washing Your Face

Dec. 10, 2019

Today Isolation Sunscreen Supplier will answer the questions you face during the face washing process.

Q: Can cleansing milk really whiten, fight against aging, and hydrate?

A: The main role of cleansing milk is to clean the oily dirt and old horny skin. In addition to the cleansing ingredients in most cleansing milks, the content of effective skin care ingredients is very low. So there is basically no substantial skin care effect.

Q: Can cleansing milk really clean the pores deeply?

A: The cleansing milk can only clean the surface of the skin. Even the cleansing milk with fine and dense foam cannot be "deep into the pores", so there is no need to believe in the so-called deep cleansing theory. If you want to clean your pores, you can use some skin rejuvenating products containing acid ingredients, or use a cleansing mask once or twice a week.

Q: Why does my skin become red after washing my face?

A: After washing the face, the skin is red, and the tingling sensation of applying the skin care products is probably because the skin is sensitive. In this case, it is recommended to replace the mild cleansing products, and use some skin-friendly products while focusing on the use of functional products. Products for barrier repair.

Q: Can scrub scrub remove blackheads?

A: Through massage, the scrub particles in the scrub cleanser can clean the blackheads at the outermost end of the pores, that is, the outside of the horns that have been oxidized, but cannot completely dissolve the oil in the pores, and the "roots" of the blackheads still exist. If you want to improve blackheads, you should still use a deep cleansing mask on a regular basis or use products containing salicylic acid and fruit acid daily.

Q: What kind of cleanser is best for sensitive skin?

A: There are many cosmeceutical products developed for sensitive skin on the market. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose cleansing products from them. One of these products has a common feature is that it does not contain soap-based and benzoic preservatives, which will not give skin Increase the burden, and the cleaning power is relatively moderate. But don't forget to apply a mask after washing your face to repair the skin in time. You can use Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask.

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

Q: What cleansing products should I use for acne muscles?

A: For acne muscle, when choosing a cleansing product, you can give priority to those cleansing products that contain keratin metabolism promoting ingredients and anti-inflammatory ingredients (such as enzymes, tranexamic acid, salicylic acid, betaine). Of course, the easiest way is choose the corresponding acne cleansing products directly from the cosmeceutical brands, and pay attention to avoid rubbing hard when cleaning.

Q: Can I use cleansing soap for dry skin?

A: Most cleansing soaps containing soap bases are not suitable for dry and very dry skin. However, not all cleansing soaps contain soap bases. Some soap products on the market now use amino acids. Surfactant-like (gentle cleansing ingredient) substitutes soap-based soap-free formula, which is more suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Q: Do I need a cleanser in the morning?

A: Whether you need to use a cleansing product in the morning depends on the condition of the skin after the morning. If you feel the skin is dry, you can simply clean it with warm water or a mild cleansing milk. You need to clean with a cleansing milk with moderate cleaning power.

Q: Is the use of a cleanser better?

A: Many cleansing milks containing soap-based ingredients will have a noticeable dryness after use. The cleansing power of these products is indeed strong, but it will also deprive the skin of essential lipids. Some cleansers such as Rose Cleansing Crystal may feel slippery or even slightly oily after washing, but it does not mean that they have not been cleaned. Such products can better moisturize the skin.