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How To Use Spot-Fading Whitening Cream Correctly?

May. 15, 2019

1, The correct choice of whitening cream

Whitening cream can help to dilute the pigment, whiten the skin, and make the subsequent makeup more durable. When purchasing whitening cream, you should pay attention to the choice of purchasing a product with guaranteed quality. Otherwise, it may not only maintain the skin but also may cause irritation to the skin.

It is generally necessary to go to a regular cosmetics store or counter for genuine purchase.

2, The correct method of application

The Replenishment Whitening Cream should be even and comprehensive when applied, so that the skin is not whitened unevenly.

Method: First apply a proper amount of whitening cream and evenly apply the face to each area, then apply it according to the direction of the pores in different parts. Pay attention to the forehead and lips around the circle, draw the face from the cheek to the nose, and then pay attention to the two sides of the nose, the edge of the corner of the mouth and the outline.

3, The correct order of use

When the whitening cream is used, the general order is still in the order of water, essence, gel, lotion, cream, isolation, sunscreen, and makeup.

Whitening cream is a cream that should be used in lotions and lotions to provide a basic moisturizing treatment for the skin. After using the whitening cream, apply a lot of nutrients, sunscreen and other make-up products.

Replenishment Whitening Cream