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How to Wash Hands Properly During an Outbreak?

Apr. 01, 2020

At present, many people already know the importance of wearing a mask but ignore the importance of washing hands. It's even called the most economical "vaccine", but washing your hands is much more than just washing under the water. Today Repair Aloe Lotion Factory will take you to find out.

Why wash your hands?

1. Washing hands can cut off the transmission route:

At present, the transmission routes of new coronaviruses are: respiratory droplets and contact transmission are the main transmission routes. The transmission routes of aerosol and digestive tract are not clear. Droplet transmission is most common. When the droplets settle, they adhere to various surfaces, such as clothing and table tops. After touching, it can be adsorbed on the skin of the hand, or it can be aspirated again by being agitated to form a floating object. Pathogens on the hand can reach the conjunctiva of the eye, mouth and nose, and then enter the respiratory tract through contact.

2. High-frequency surface is easy to touch:

Many pathogenic microorganisms can survive in the environment for a long time. When there is a skin barrier, these microorganisms may not play any role, but once they encounter a susceptible person and come into contact with small wounds or mucous membranes, these microorganisms may invade the body and cause infection.

Those high-frequency surfaces that are often touched by people's hands, such as elevator buttons, door handles, and hospital bed rails, have become distribution centers for pathogenic and resistant bacteria. There is daily life, such as simple delivery, but what if the person who sent the delivery is infected with the virus? What should I do if the delivery person is infected with the virus? Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands after touching the public goods, and wash your hands after receiving the courier. In short, you must wash your hands when you touch something that others may have touched.

How do I wash my hands?

1.Wash your palms with your palms facing each other and rub your fingers together.

2.wash the back finger seams, rub the palms of your hands against the back of your fingers, and exchange your hands.

3.wash palm side fingers, palms facing each other, hands crossed each other along the fingers.

4.Wash the back of your fingers, bend the joints of your fingers, half-fist the back of your fingers on the palm of your other hand and rotate and rub.

5.wash the thumb, hold the thumb in one hand and rotate and rub the thumb, and exchange the hands.

6.Wash your fingertips, bend each finger joint, close your fingertips on the palm of your other hand, and rotate.

7. Wash your wrists and arms, rub your wrists and arms, and swap your hands.

8. After washing your hands, be sure to dry your hands. If you do not dry your hands thoroughly, not only is it easy to breed pathogenic bacteria, but your hands are easily taken away by water to become dry.

9. Hand towels or paper towels must be clean and hygienic, and must be carefully wiped, including finger joints. If you use unclean paper towels or towels, your hands will be contaminated with pathogens again, and your hands will be useless. Finally, I would like to emphasize it again: wash hands after touching public goods, wash hands after receiving courier, in short, wash hands when touching something that others may have touched, and apply hand cream every time after washing!

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

What you need to wash your hands:

1.75% medical alcohol and common soap can be used for daily hygiene protection, or you can buy 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer directly.

2. Disposable hand sanitizer: Disposable hand sanitizer is mainly divided into two categories: alcohol and non-alcohol; alcohols: effective and non-toxic without residue; the disposable gel is also suitable for disinfection of mobile phones: squeeze a bit and wipe, leave it for a few minutes Wipe dry paper towels.

3. Disinfection wipes & disinfectant: have to sit outside for a long time, you can prepare some alcohol cloth to clean the surroundings, especially the computer and tableware. The cheapest and most effective method is to bring a can of 75% medical alcohol spray, leave it on for a few minutes, then wipe it off.

These are the matters related to hand washing during the epidemic.

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