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How To Skin Care?

Oct. 22, 2019

Skin care should pay attention to eating habits, do not always eat too greasy food; go out to pay attention to sunscreen, reduce the damage of UV to the skin; pay more attention to moisturizing, often add moisture to the face skin; do not stay up late, let the skin have enough rest time. So what is the specific skin care technique? The Essential Oil Manufacturer will tell you.

First in the daily skin care:

1, pay attention to diet

On the diet, don't eat too much irritating food, everything is healthy and green. This will allow the skin to better perform the metabolic work. The diet is noticed, and the skin is getting better and better.

2. Pay attention to sun protection

If you want to have good skin, you must be inseparable from the sunscreen. Sun protection is not just about preventing sunlight, but more importantly, preventing UV rays from attacking. Many skin problems are caused by direct UV damage. So be sure to bring a sun protection tool when you go out. Also choose a sunscreen with a suitable sunscreen index based on the length and intensity of exposure to the outdoors. Sunscreen is an important part of skin care and should not be ignored. If you can't sunscreen in time, you can use Replenishment Whitening Cream to replenish whitening in time.

Replenishment Whitening Cream

Replenishment Whitening Cream

3, regular maintenance

Be especially careful about your skin. It is also necessary to maintain the skin, and it is best to choose different maintenance measures according to different time. For example, before going to sleep, stick the Glacial Mud Mask, regularly exfoliate, spray the toner after the shower, so that it can moisturize the skin very well, it will be very helpful for skin care.

4, diligent mask

Efficacy: For deep facial treatment, you can take intensive care every day, or do 2 to 3 masks a week.

Method: Use a gel or creamy mask to cleanse the face, then apply the mask evenly on the face. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off with water. The filmed mask can be used after the skin has been cleaned and removed after 10 minutes of application. After applying the mask, use the essence to gently massage the facial skin to help absorb the nutrients in the essence. It can also be cleaned with water.

5, do not stay up late

Nighttime is the best time for skin self-repair and nutrient absorption. It can fall asleep early after applying night cream, mask and other products, so that the skin can be best rested. In general, 10 o'clock - 2 am is the best dormancy period of the human body, not only the skin needs a full rest, but the body's organs will also adjust themselves at night. At the same time, the body also secretes various hormones to maintain the orderly operation of the body.

Choose the type of skin care product that suits you.

1. Replenishing moisturizing products: moisturizing by direct hydration. For example, some toners, toners, etc., or spray-type hydrating agents are such products. Its main ingredient is some natural mineral spring water. Therefore, it is suitable for people of any place and any skin type. The hot m2 toner is a strong representative.

2, moisturizing moisturizing products: its principle is mainly combined with water, the water is introduced into the crystal structure of the skin, so it can not be done separately moisturizing work, but to be added to other moisturizing products together on the skin

3, moisture-absorbing moisturizing products: represented by glycerin, it achieves the purpose of moisturizing by absorbing external humidity. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in the humid air south. In the north, because the external environment is dry, the use of such moisturizers will absorb the moisture of the skin itself, not only does not achieve the purpose of moisturizing, but makes the skin more dry, so avoid using it.

4, to prevent moisture evaporation type of moisturizing products: mainly from natural oils and fats as raw materials, it is through the formation of a protective film on the skin surface to complete the purpose of moisturizing.

The above is about skin care, I hope to help everyone, and if you have a need for skin care products, you can contact us, we can provide you with professional services and products.