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How To Make Facial Whitening Faster?

Nov. 30, 2019

According to a data survey, whitening is the number one skincare search ranking for women. In addition to the traditional concept of hiding one's ugliness, white skin can also be matched with makeup and clothing to make women's beauty bloom! Whitening and skin care is a career that every woman has to pursue in her life. So how to make the skin on the face whiter faster? What whitening method can whiten quickly? Isolation Sunscreen Manufacturer will tell you next.

First, make your face whiter faster

We all know that milk has a good whitening effect, but milk is actually quite expensive in the market. Compared to skin care products is still very cost-effective. Therefore, using milk can be said to be an affordable and very effective method. Cut the fresh cucumber into thin slices, put it in milk, take it out after ten minutes, and apply it on the face, which has a good whitening effect. Now in winter, you can apply hot water to your face a little, and then gently pat with milk on your face, which can effectively whiten your skin quickly.

There is also a way to enjoy and whiten: eat cherries. Fresh cherries are rich in sugar, protein, β-carotene, iron and other nutrients. Among them, the stickers in cherries can make people look rosy, and β-carotene and vitamin C can whiten the skin, so eating more cherries can whiten the face. unit. It can also dissolve the melanin in the skin and make the skin fair.

Second, a quick whitening method in a week

1. Pearl powder mask method

Among the various homemade pearl powder whitening mask formulas, milk pearl powder mask is a classic formula that will last forever. Milk itself has a very good whitening effect. Adding pearl powder as a whitening hand, the effect is doubled.

Homemade method: Get a compressed paper film, mix milk and pearl powder, soak in the paper film, and apply it on the face. If it is dry during the period, you can pour it again. Remove after 15 minutes. (Milk pearl powder bubble paper film is more suitable for people with red bloodshot and thin skin.) If you feel trouble, you can also buy Brightening Rose Whitening Lotion directly.

2.Tomato Juice Drink

Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily or eating tomatoes regularly has a better effect on freckles. Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, it is known as "the warehouse of vitamin C". Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin. Lycopene will be released greatly after cooking tomatoes, so tomato soup is an indispensable nutritious meal in daily life!

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask

Third, a few important points about the rapid whitening of the face

1. Avoid excessive massage when applying care products

When applying skin care products, you must pay attention to the techniques. Do not over massage or slap the skin. This will not only improve the maintenance effect, but also stimulate the melanin to be activated in large quantities, which will affect the whitening product.

2. Make good sun protection in winter

We all know that if you want to have white skin, sun protection is the key, but for many girls, sun protection in the summer is essential, and in the winter the sun is not poisonous and you don’t feel the need for sun protection. The ultraviolet rays of our skin are independent of seasons. If you want to have white skin, sun protection in winter is also very important!

3. Pay attention to hydration

Paying attention to hydration is a very effective way to quickly whiten, because hydration can make the skin plump and full, the texture is delicate, and the keratin is healthy, and more importantly, the skin is only in the state of cell moisture and cell interstitial filling. In order to better absorb the nutritional ingredients of various skin care products, in summer, you must pay attention to moisturizing while using whitening products, appropriately increase the frequency of moisturizing masks, or use Oat Smoothing And Moisturizing Mask!

The above is a quick whitening method, I hope to help everyone.