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Why Are Eye Creams So Expensive?

Aug. 30, 2019

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Fade Dark Circles Eye Cream

Fade Dark Circles Eye Cream

In a series of skin care procedures, eye cream has always been a very important part. How important is the eye? When you take a picture, it is a terrible crow's feet. You will know how important this is.

We often say that eye cream should be used as soon as possible, but there are always people who say that the eye cream is too expensive, and that they are still young, and they will use it again after two years. With this attitude, they will drag on until the corner of the eye climbs a stripe road.

Eye cream is not an elixir, but why is it the highest price among similar skin care products?

Why is eye cream so expensive? Shrink Pores Olive Removing Oil Manufacturer would like to share with you.

The skin of the eye is thin, fragile, and prone to aging. Therefore, the manufacturing process and proportioning method of the eye cream are more complicated, and it is also necessary to consider low sensitivity and good absorption.

The active ingredient has high activity, and the molecule is small, the amount is too large, and it takes a long time to use, and it is easy to volatilize the nutrient component, so that the product loses fresh activity, so the eye cream is generally 15g-30g capacity.

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