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Do You Use a Cream Before Going to Bed at Night?

Mar. 25, 2020

In order to resist the traces of time on our faces, we generally do skin care early, at least so that our skin will not age so quickly. Speaking of skin care, we can actually say that we have been doing this since we were born. In infancy, mothers are worried that the baby's face will peel or become red due to lack of water, so they will also apply moisturizing products to the baby.

When we grow up, we know how to take care of our skin in a targeted way, so skin care is actually the "career" of our lives. Usually we choose to use a facial cleanser after washing our face, and then apply a lotion to moisturize the skin in time, and some people will apply the cream. So, can I apply a cream before going to bed at night? Next, let Rose Moisturizing Whitening Lotion Supplier take a detailed look at it!

One, you can apply cream at night

Why do you say you can apply cream at night? This is mainly because after working for a day, in fact, our skin has become very tired, and you need to apply a thin layer of Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizing Cream in addition to applying water and milk, which can help repair us Skin, so that our skin always stays elastic. However, it is important to pay attention to the choice of cream. The cream applied at night and the daytime should not be the same.

Because the daytime cream contains higher nutrients and chemical components, in addition to its hydrating effect, it also has the effect of isolation or sun protection. If you continue to use the daytime mask at night, it will actually increase the pressure on our skin, but will hurt our skin.

Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizing Cream

Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizing Cream

Second, you can apply cream in the afternoon

After half a day of work, you will find that your skin is actually very oily and your entire face is greasy. At this time, it is recommended that you carry a spray with you before going out. After washing your face to remove the facial oils, spray a layer of spray, and then apply a layer of cream. Degreasing and hydrating in time can help adjust the water and oil balance on the face.

Third, you need to apply cream in autumn and winter

In fact, if your skin is not very dry, it is recommended that you do not need to apply cream in the two seasons of spring and summer, but in the dry season of autumn and winter, it is necessary to apply cream. Because the skin is easy to get oily in the summer, if you continue to apply the cream, it will only make your skin more oily. In the autumn and winter, the climate will be relatively dry. If you don’t pay attention to your skin, it may cause skin defects In the case of water, it is easy to get stuck when applying makeup.

Fourth, the precautions for applying cream

1. Before applying the cream, you should first hydrate your face. You can use Hydrating Tea Tree Oil Scrub to clean your face. When your face is full of water, add a layer of cream, then You will find that your face is watery all day long.

2. When applying the cream, avoid the skin around the eyes. If you often don't pay attention and apply the cream on your whole face, then the long fat is not far away from you.

3. When using the cream in winter, it is recommended that you put it in your palm first, and let the temperature of your hand melt the cream into a milky form before applying it on your face, so that it will be absorbed faster.

The above is the relevant knowledge about applying cream. I believe you have a better understanding of it after reading it.