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Types of Deeply Cleaning Tea Tree Body Wash

Jun. 06, 2019

Deeply Cleaning Tea Tree Body Wash, also known as shower gel, refers to a liquid cleaning agent used in bathing. It is a common cleaning product for modern people. The invention of shower gel is mainly to replace the touch and effect of traditional cleaning soap.

When the shower gel touches people's skin, it does not feel as hard as soap. The effect of amino acid body wash is particularly obvious. The amino acid shower gel has a lower pH value than the sulfate surfactant. Skin does not cause strong acid and alkali irritation to the skin.

Surfactant type: It is mainly composed of a surfactant with a washing effect, and is mild and smooth. If the compounding is not good, it is easy to have a feeling of rinsing, which is an earlier Deep Clean Tea Tree Scrub;

Surfactant type: strong alkaline surfactant, weakly alkaline surfactant, weakly acidic surfactant;

Soap-based type: modified based on the principle of soap making, rich in foam and easy to clean;

Surfactant and soap-based compound type: Take advantage of both, foam is rich, easy to rinse, and the skin is refreshed and moisturized after washing. At present, the latter two types of shower gels are more on the market, and thus give people different comfort feelings.

Deeply Cleaning Tea Tree Body Wash