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Correct Method Of Applying Mask

Nov. 12, 2019

Do you know the correct way to apply mask? If you don't use the right one, it will often take half the work. Let's let the manufacturer of Rose Whitening Shower Gel share the correct method of applying the mask.

First, clean it, clean the face with facial cleanser, open the mask, gently apply it to the face, apply it for about 15 minutes, avoid the essence, then wash off the remaining essence with water, and finally complete the follow-up skin care.

How to use the mask correctly

1: clean face

When washing your face, it is best to use warm water to clean the skin, or apply a warm towel to the face first, let the pores open, and then use the mask, the effect is better.

2: Dehorny

When you find that your skin is dull and uneven, the skin tone is uneven, it means you should exfoliate. Oily skin can be used for exfoliating products at intervals of 1-2 weeks depending on skin condition; dry skin and sensitive muscles, daily cleaning will also remove some of the aged cuticles, without the need to frequently use exfoliating products, once a week is enough.

In addition, if the mask you use is a muddy mask with a cleansing function, you can omit the exfoliating steps, such as Detoxification Acne Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask

3: Jinghua liquid hitting the bottom

Before applying the mask, apply the skin care essence to the bottom, or use the muscle base liquid and moisturizing water to introduce it, and adjust the skin to the best condition, so that the mask will be more effective.

You can apply the essence according to the type of mask you are using. For example, whitening mask, apply whitening essence, moisturizing lock mask, use moisturizing essence or moisturizing water.

Remember, the mask is not a substitute for normal skin care products, so the skin lotion, eye cream and face cream should not be less.

4: Use mask

Now you can finally use the mask! Patch mask, the mask paper should be unfolded, push it around the bridge of the nose, so that the mask fits flat on the face, and the edge of the mask should be smoothed to avoid curling.

The smear mask mud should be applied evenly. The dosage should follow the product instructions. Not all masks are applied as thick as possible. The specific approach is:

1) Remove the mask and gently apply it to your face.

2) Press the mask of the nose part to press and press the mask around the cheek.

3) Press the forehead and chin with your fingertips to make the mask fit perfectly.

4) Apply about 15 minutes to avoid the essence.

5) Pull down from the top to the middle of the face and then gently pull it from left to right, squeeze out the essence of the mask and gently tap on the face.

6) Then wash off the remaining essence on the face with water, and finally complete the follow-up skin care steps.

However, if you feel that the above steps are troublesome, you can also use the Red Wine Polyphenols Sleep Mask, massage your face evenly with your fingers in a circular motion, and then go to sleep after a short massage. After getting up the next day, wash it with warm water, which can replace the night cream.

5: Press to absorb

After peeling off the mask, pat the face and massage in a circular motion to promote the absorption of the mask essence. The excess essence can also be applied to the neck and hands to act as a moisturizing lotion.

When massage, you can massage on both sides of the cheeks, and press the chin and the tibia to the forehead. This action can prevent sagging and sagging of the skin, and also reduce the formation of the striated lines.

The above is about the correct method of applying mask, have you learned?