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Do You Know The Correct Cleansing Steps?

Aug. 07, 2019

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Rose Cleansing Crystal

Rose Cleansing Crystal

Keep your skin clean and dry. Every day should be cleaned with facial cleanser, once in the morning and evening, and facial cleanser can not be used with strong irritating, irritating facial cleanser will cause the pores to become thicker, which will increase the growth of blackheads. Make 1-2 deep cleans every month, and thoroughly remove the oil and dirt on your face to keep your skin dry and delicate. So what is the correct cleansing step? As a professional Rose Cleansing Crystal Factory, we would like to share with you the correct cleaning steps.

Step 1:

Prepare water at a suitable temperature and soak the face with water. Then take a proper amount of cleansing products in your hands and add a small amount of water to make a rich foam. If the amount of foaming is small, it can be assisted by a foaming ball or a foaming net.

Step 2:

Apply the foam to the face. First put a cleansing foam in the T area where there is a lot of oil. The main point is not to rub the skin, and gently massage the face with foam.

Step 3:

Apply a cleansing foam to the rest of the face, gently brush the circle and clean it with a gentle massage to remove dirt and oil from the face. Rinse with water afterwards.

Step 4:

Gently wipe off the water with a soft towel, taking care not to wipe the skin with force. Then spray the face with spray-like mineral water, leave it for about 1 minute, then wipe off the excess moisture with a towel.

After cleaning your face, it is better to use face mask. We also have Rose Flowers Jelly Mask. If you need any information about it, feel free to contact us.