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Can Shower Gel Be Used To Wash My Face?

Dec. 25, 2019

Most people bathe with shower gels because they can clean the skin better. Some friends are more convenient. By the way, they also wash their faces. But is it really good to wash your face with shower gels? Some friends are curious. The shower gel can clean the skin, and it can also be used to wash your face. It sounds quite reasonable. Let Rose Whitening Shower Gel Supplier tell you whether you can wash your face with shower gel!

Shower gel should not wash your face. The reason there is a difference between shower gel and cleansing milk is because the skin texture of different parts of the skin is different. The facial skin is much more delicate than the body skin. Washing the face with a shower gel can cause the skin to become dry and tight, or damage the skin. If you use it for a long time, the skin will become worse and worse. If you need to wash your face, you can use Rose Cleansing Crystal.

Rose Whitening Shower Gel

Rose Whitening Shower Gel

The shower gel contains more surfactants, foam stabilizers, flavors, thickeners, skin care agents, etc. These ingredients are too irritating to the skin. Washing the face directly with the shower gel can easily damage the skin, so the shower gel is not for washing your face!

So what happens with body wash?

1.Washing face with shower gel can cause skin dehydration

Generally, the cleaning power of a shower gel is much stronger than that of a facial cleanser, so if the shower gel is used to wash the face, it will sweep away the oil on the face, resulting in dry and very tight skin after washing, so that the skin's moisture will also be Losing quickly can make the skin very dry and dehydrated.

2, easily lead to sensitive and fragile skin

Our body skin and facial skin have different pH values, so the pH and ingredients of shower gels and facial cleansers will also be different. So if you use the following to wash your face, it will cause some irritation to the facial skin and cause skin damage. It may even damage the cuticles of the face and make the skin fragile and sensitive.

3.Body wash will block pores

If you wash your face with a shower gel, it may be difficult to clean the dirt in the small pores. If you wash your face with a shower gel for a long time, it may cause pores to be blocked, and even skin problems such as acne and acne.

4, shower gel face washing may be allergic

Washing your face with a shower gel is very irritating to the facial skin, especially some people who are sensitive to the skin themselves, and are easily affected by the shower gel and have allergic symptoms. Moreover, the ingredients in the shower gel are not suitable for facial skin, so even people with healthy skin may be allergic.

Finally, Soothing Rose Whitening Lotion Factory gives everyone the right way to wash their faces when taking a bath. Special facial cleansing products are required when taking a bath, and you should wash your face before taking a bath, because the heat can cause pores to expand, and it is easy to bring Dirty things are brought into the pores. Washing your face in time can prevent pores from clogging and prevent acne. Do your friends remember?