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Can Lotions And Creams Be Used Together?

Dec. 19, 2019

Skin care is actually an old topic, and girls pay attention to basic skin care. However, although everyone already knows the basic skin care work, there are still many knowledge points that can be confused.

For example, lotions and creams. Many people confuse these two kinds of things, so they are used indiscriminately, not only the order of use, but also the correct method of application, so the effect of skin care products cannot be fully and effectively used. So today, Soothing Rose Whitening Lotion Factory will analyze these two things in detail. Can they be used together? Can they replace each other? If you are also confused about these issues, just keep reading.

1. The difference between lotion and cream

In fact, from the practice in life, we can find that we buy a set of skin care products, which contain water, cream, lotion and cleansing milk. So many people don't understand. What should I use first?

In fact, water is a kind of thing that is independent of creams and lotions, while lotions and creams are essentially the same in essence, there is no special difference. The main effect is moisturizing, which locks the skin from moisture, so that our skin does not appear dry and dehydrated. It is all for the skin, such as Repair Aloe Lotion.

Although these two skin care products are so similar, they can actually be subdivided in specific effects. The cream is not suitable for summer use, because the texture of the cream is thick, and it is a creamy substance, which contains rich oil content. If it is used in summer, it will burden the skin and make the face feel very greasy. Conducive to skin absorption of skin care products. In contrast, emulsions are liquid substances. The texture is light and thin, so it can be used in summer or winter.

Repair Aloe Lotion

Repair Aloe Lotion

2. Correct use of lotions and creams

(1) Consider by season

Because the two types of skin care products are light and heavy, we need to make different choices in different seasons. In the hot summer environment, we all hope that our face is thinner and not too burdensome, so don't apply cream on the face again, just a little lotion is enough.

In fact, we need to pay attention to this. For some people with dry skin, it is not enough to have a thin layer of lotion in winter. If the skin is oily or neutral, it is not necessary to use a cream, but here What we need to pay attention to is that if it is dry skin, we also need to use the cream together to make the skin more moisturized. In addition, the cream will have different effects, such as Spot-Fading Whitening Cream, which can repair the skin and not only play a moisturizing effect.

(2) The correct process

If these two types need to be used together, then a complete skin care process is the order of cleansing-water-milk-cream. Although lotions and creams may be similar in texture, there are some differences in efficacy. Using the lotion alone, the skin may not get deeper nutrition, while the cream alone cannot lock more moisture. Only two combination of these can be more beneficial to the skin.

The above is how to use lotions and creams. Have you learned?