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Brightening Rose Whitening Lotion Selection

Apr. 28, 2019

The choice of Brightening Rose Whitening Lotion is also very important. Pour the lotion into your hands and add the right amount of water. If the lotion is easy to mix with water, it means easy to wash, the texture of the lotion is soft, and it will not cause damage to the skin.

(1) The generally dry skin can be made soft, smooth, and has a moisturizing effect.

(2) The Oil-Control Aloe lotion has good fluidity and stability at room temperature and is analyzed without water.

(3) No sticky feeling, does not affect sweat excretion.

(4) Under the microscope, the particles are round and evenly distributed, and most of the particles are 2-4 microns in diameter.

(5) The aroma is pleasant, the color is white, and there is no irritating allergy to human skin.

Brightening Rose Whitening Lotion