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An Effective Way To Whiten Your Body

Nov. 19, 2019

How to quickly whiten in the summer? In the hot summer, in this season of exposed legs, the day has become the most beautiful scenery. So the pursuit of whitening is something that every girl can't wait for, everyone wants to be the white rich in the eyes of boys! But how to whiten is also troublesome for everyone. So how do you quickly whiten in the summer? The following Isolation Sunscreen Supplier will tell you.

First, the amount of sunscreen is not less than half a teaspoon

In the summer, the UV rays are strong. What we are fighting against is applying sunscreen and wearing sunscreen tools. Speaking of applying sunscreen, its dosage is actually very important. If it is not enough, the higher SPF will become smaller. So oh, if you can't take the amount of pro, you can find a small teaspoon and squeeze it with half a teaspoon.

Second, topical antioxidants

Pomegranate, green tea, coffee beans, etc., are all skin care ingredients with antioxidants. Many skin experts recommend that anti-oxidant skin care products containing these ingredients should be used to help the skin prepare for free radical damage. Use anti-oxidant skin care products before using sunscreen, so you can be foolproof.

Third, exercise for the face

Don't think that only the body needs to exercise, in fact, the face must be oh. In addition to doing basic skin care for the skin, it is also possible to exercise for the skin. When applying skin care products every night, use a relatively large makeup remover to moisturize the toner, then gently pat the skin about 50 times, which will not only promote blood circulation, but also the vitality of the skin cells. If you persist, it will also make The skin is more lustrous than before. This kind of exercise is relatively small compared to the stimulation caused by massage.

Fourth, regular exfoliation

The old dead skin cells can clog the pores of the skin, making the skin unable to breathe. So we have to exfoliate regularly. After exfoliating dead skin, the skin becomes shiny. Then apply the repaired moisturizing cream in time after rinsing, it will not be reddish and dry. The frequency is about one or two times a week. In addition, you can choose Rose Whitening Shower Gel for shower gel.

Rose Whitening Shower Gel

Rose Whitening Shower Gel

Fifth, start anti-aging whitening new products

Nowadays, more and more skin care products on the market, such as cold mist humidifier, can avoid the dry environment to absorb the moisture of our skin; a rain head water filter can filter out too much minerals and impurities in the water, which can help A layer of natural oil that protects the skin and more. A lot of new products are to make your maintenance more effective.

Don't forget your hands and neck

In daily sun protection, don't forget your hands and neck. Because both the hands and neck are places that expose our age, they must be equally cared for. Hand and neck care can be done with Smoothing Shea Butter Hand Cream, but it also takes a half teaspoon amount. If you have a hand, you can apply a hand cream with an SPF value. In the unlikely event that there is no hand cream or neck cream, the cream can be used for a long time. The retinol cream used in the evening, or the antioxidant cream used in the morning, can take care of your neck and back.

The above is the method of body whitening, mainly the daily use of hand cream, regular exfoliation, nursing hands and neck, etc., I hope these can help everyone.