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A Few Things To Pay Attention To When Bathing

Dec. 16, 2019

How important is skin care for girls? It is important that if you don't care for the skin for a day, you will feel uncomfortable in your heart or skin, and you will feel panic, and you are always afraid that your skin will become worse. Therefore, girls must be skincare every day, unless there are special circumstances. Many people often have the habit of taking a shower before going to bed, which can promote the blood circulation speed in the body and allow the body to relax to a certain extent. For people's health, taking a bath can effectively promote blood circulation. The speed is better for the body and the quality of sleep. Improved, but there are certain details to pay attention to during the bath. When girls take a bath, it is best not to do these things, health is the most important! What exactly is it? Rose Whitening Shower Gel Supplier will tell you next.

1. Bath and apply mask

Some girls, to save time. I will use the bath time to apply a mask by the way, but I don’t know that this will affect the secretion of the skin. If the skin is out of balance, after applying the mask, the skin will become reddened and even itchy. Therefore, you should apply a mask before going to bed after taking a shower. You can use the disposable Red Wine Polyphenols Sleep Mask.

Red Wine Polyphenols Sleep Mask

Red Wine Polyphenols Sleep Mask

2. Wash your face after bathing

I heard some girls ask, is it better to take a bath first or wash your face first? The problem is like washing your hair first or your face first. The right thing is to wash your face first, then take a bath or wash your hair, because the dirt on the face is not cleaned first, and the hot water will evaporate the pores, and the dirt will deepen. Also remember not to use bath water to wash your face. First, the temperature of the water in the shower is just right. It can be used to clean the facial skin. The temperature is too high! To clean the face, it is best to use warm water flowing around 30 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, it will irritate the skin. If you wash your face with hot water for a long time, the skin will become dry and itchy and fragile. Second, according to scientists' research, the shower shower heads in most homes contain a large amount of bacteria and are extremely difficult to clean and remove. Compared to faucets, shower heads are used less frequently, and bacteria are more likely to breed in "dead water." For sensitive facial skin, washing your face with shower water is more at risk for bacterial infection.

3. Skincare while bathing

Some girls use skin care products when taking a bath! I also don’t know where to learn it. Using hot air to evaporate and pores expand, the skin's absorption capacity will be better. This is wrong, it only hurts the skin and creates sensitivity.

4. Use body milk after bathing

Finally, after taking a shower, you must hydrate your skin habitually. Use body milk and apply it to your skin. With massage techniques, it can effectively promote absorption, smooth the texture of the skin, add skin moisture, and make the skin delicate and smooth not dry.

5. Try not to wash your face with spray water

If you often wash your face with water in the shower head, it is likely that bacteria and viruses will have a chance to enter the skin of the face, and the temperature of the water in the shower head is relatively higher than usual In this case, your own facial skin is not conducive to skin maintenance.

6, try not to rub your skin

For women, because the skin is particularly delicate, it is important to pay attention when taking a bath. Do not always rub hard. This will not only make the skin easily feel pain, but also cause wear and tear, and the skin will make the skin different. 

The above are the items that Isolation Sunscreen Manufacturer should pay attention to when I take a bath. I hope to help you.