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  • 60ml-Peperment Essential Oil
  • 60ml-Peperment Essential Oil

60ml-Peperment Essential Oil

Product Name: Peppermint Essential Oil
CAS No.: 8006-90-4
Botanical name/INCI nameMentha Piperata
Extraction Method:Steam Distillation
Extraction Part:All Plant
Appearance:Peppermint has strong minty note with herbaceous warm undertone
Odor: Cold Mint odor

Gravity (25°C)0.878 - 0.916
Refractive Index(Nd20)1.460 to 1.467
Flash Point66 °C
Optical Rotation(-16)-(-30)
SolubilitySoluble in Alcohol & Paraffin Oil But Insoluble in Water


Funcition: pain relief, Calming anxiety, Peppermint essential oil has a long-standing use in aromatherapy for its emotionally uplifting qualities. It helps relieve anxiety and negativity and replaces them with positive, stable emotions.

Pain Relief: Menthol, the main compound found in peppermint, has a powerful analgesic effect and helps relieve various kinds of pain, including muscle cramps, pained joints, and headaches.

Skin care: Shrinks microvessels, removes toxins from the body, improves eczema, blemishes, relieves itching, inflammation and burns, softens the skin, eliminates blackheads, and is good for oily hair and skin.