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  • 10ml-Lemon Oil
  • 10ml-Lemon Oil

10ml-Lemon Oil

Product Name:Lemon Essential Oil
CAS No.:8008-56-8
Botanical name/INCI nameCitrus Limonum
Extraction Method:Expression
Extraction Part:Peel
Appearance:Light Yellow Colour Oily Liquid
Odor:Fresh Citrus Aromas

Gravity (25°C)0.849~0.858
Refractive Index(Nd20)1.474~1.476
Flash Point195℉
Optical Rotation+57°~+68°
SolubilitySoluble In Alcohol And Glacial Acetic Acid, Insoluble In Water


1. Used in toothpaste, tobacco and cosmetics. Used In Toothpaste, Tobacco And Cosmetics.

2. After processing and refining, the terpenes are removed from the high quality non-terpenoid lemon oil, whose content of citral is 40% ~ 52%, which is used to prepare water-soluble food flavor and high-quality perfume essence. After Processing And Refining, The Terpenes Are Removed From The High Quality Non-Terpenoid Lemon Oil, Whose Content Of Citral Is 40% ~ 52%, Which Is Used To Prepare Water-Soluble Food Flavor And High-Quality Perfume Essence.

3. Have medical value, eliminate peculiar smell, eliminate flatulence gas, help digest, fresh breath, even have good effect to sepsis. Have Medical Value, Eliminate Peculiar Smell, Eliminate Flatulence Gas, Help Digest, Fresh Breath, Even Have Good Effect To Sepsis.

4. The Smell Is Fragrant And Fresh. It Can Make People Calm, Calm And Eliminate Fatigue.