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  • 10ml-Clove Essential Oil
  • 10ml-Clove Essential Oil

10ml-Clove Essential Oil


10ml-Clove Essential Oil

10ml-Clove Essential Oil

Product Name: Clove Oil
CAS No.: 8000-34-8
Botanical name/INCI nameEugenia Caryophllus
Extraction Method:Steam Distillation
Extraction Part:Bud
Appearance:Yellow to brown liquid
Odor: Sweet and Fragrantly Smell

Gravity (25°C)1.039~1.051
Refractive Index(Nd20)1.5310~1.5350
Flash Point>230 °F
Optical Rotation(+3.5)-(+6.0)
SolubilitySoluble in 70% alcohol,insoluble in water


1. It Is An Important Natural Spice And Medicine. Widely Used In Daily Chemical Products

2. It Is Used For Antisepsis And Oral Disinfection In Medicine, And Mainly Used To Formulate Toothpaste And Soap Essence Or Used As Raw Material For Synthetic Vanillin In Industry.

3. Mainly Used For Toothpaste, Dentifrice, Body Powder, Medicine Soap, Cool Oil, Dispelling Cream And Other Health Pharmaceutical Products. It Can Also Be Used In A Small Amount In The Deployment Of Certain Cosmetic Products.

4. Treatment Of Toothache, Bronchitis, Neuralgia, Anti-Respiratory System And Urinary Tract InfectionsThat Relieve Discomfort And Pain Caused By Diarrhea, Improve Physical Weakness And Anemia, Aphrodisiac (Sexual Impotence, Cold Feeling), Deworming. Promote Blood Circulation, Treat Skin Ulcers And Wounds, Treat Warts, And Improve Rough Skin.

5. Detumescence Anti-Inflammatory Treatment Of Skin Ulcers And Wound Inflammation, Treatment Of Hemorrhoids, Promote Healing